Till 2030, The market expenditure on digital marketing will be more than 100 billion dollars globally and this will provide around millions of jobs ” Report given by experts.
But if you don’t know what is Digital marketing let’s try to understand.

Today you cannot imagine your single day without opening any digital platform.
Marketing and advertising has always been a very crucial part in any organization. Every business needs marketing to promote their goods and services.
Earlier, there was only traditional marketing available in the form of printing newspaper ads, tv ads, radio ads, banners on the road etc. But now the time has changed, there is an another marketing method available which is called digital marketing.

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1.WHAT IS DIGITAL Marketing?
2. Which industries uses Digital marketing?
3. What are the Platforms on which digital marketing is done?
4.Different ways of Digital marketing
5. What are the Careers options to opt.
6. What is the salary of digital marketer.

1. What is digital marketing.
 Digital marketing is the internet form of marketing done through electronic devices like phones, laptop, tablet and computer’s.
We all know that the world has changed through digitalization. There are billions of people using internet and smartphones every day spending their majority of time online whether to find product or services or to connect with others.
With the change in customers behavior, businesses also changed their way of marketing from traditional to digital medium

 2. Which Industry uses digital marketing.
Nowadays, almost Every business have either made their digital presence or about to make presence to promote their products or services to increase their branding.
Not only businesses but professionals, artist, doctor, politicians etc., everyone rely on digital marketing these days.
Industries such as
Ecommerce( want to know how to setup an ecommerce store)
Media and advertising
OTT platforms
hospitality and tourism
 etc., invests huge money on digital marketing than others.

3.Which platforms are available for digital marketing.
Well, businesses needs those platforms which has abundance of people. So here are the
List of Major platforms:

  • Search engine -Google, bing, yahoo, YouTube.
  •  Social media channel- Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, telegram, Pinterest, g suite etc
  • Apps and softwares- Amazon, Irctc, mx player etc.

4. What are the Ways of doing digital marketing:

1. Content marketing- Every business and service requires content to elaborate about their products and services. Hence, in order to market products, content is created which provides value and help the audience. This method is called content marketing.

2. E-mail marketing-
Marketing is not only searching the new customers every time but also to keep existing customers informed and happy. So in order to do that e-mail marketing is required, where company sends Informative emails to their customers and 4establish connection between them.

3. Search engine marketing.
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of website by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising

4. Social media marketing.
This form of internet marketing involves the promotion of the brands through social platforms.

5. What are the Careers available in digital marketing.
1. SEO expert.(best seo agency in agra)
2. Content writer
3.Ecommerce manager
4. Social media marketer
5. Performance marketer.
6. Lead expert.
7. Website developer.
8.  Digital marketing Trainer

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6. What is the salary of digital marketer.

In India, A fresher can expect a salary between 15000 to 30000 per month. With the experience of 1-2 years, salary can go upto 50000. After five years, salary can go beyond 1lack.


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